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New Skoda Fabia Launched in Ireland


The Newest Skoda Fabia Model that was launched a few months, (September 2014) debuted in Ireland on December 1, 2014 in time for 2015 Vehicle orders.

Buyers will be glad to know that prices were confirmed and all model options having received specification enhancements. There are certain models that decreased in price. The asking price for the 1.0 litre Fabia is; €13,895 for the 60bhp Active. No doubt the AA route planner will getting more use of the back this release.

Before we go on, it’s important that you realize the Fabia model debuted at the turn of the new millennia (2000). Since then, Skoda reveals that over 3.4 million Fabia vehicles have been sold worldwide.

These are figures that make Skoda have very high hopes for its new launched Fabia model now in its third Generation. Adding to the car’s obvious cosmetic changes, designers and engineers have given Fabia a brand new line of both petrol and diesel engines combined with manual and DSG transmissions.… Read the rest



Speed Limit increased for UK Trucks

Trucks travelling on single carriageways in the UK will be able to go at 50mph in 2015 in an effort to reduce overtaking  which is causing accidents on the road. Many motorists become frustrated travelling behind slow moving vehicles and make dangerous maneuvers with limited visibility to get ahead of the heavy goods vehicles. The Government hopes that by removing the restrictions on the lorries it will enable them to travel at speeds which will be seen as more acceptable by other road users.

Road safety campaigners have voiced their concern at such changes believing any increase in speed for used trucks will only lead to more accidents on the road as opposed to less. Further developments are expected on the issue before the changes in law are implemented in 2015. Find stock from Truck Traders currently available for sale on advertising sites.… Read the rest



New BMW 7 Series to Launch In 2015

One of the vehicles predicted to be on the roads for NI cars in the near future is the new 7 series.

The new BMW 7 Series that is due in 2015 will be custom fit with a carbon fibre body and additional light weight technology heavily borrowed from BMW’s i Brand. This means that the new 7 series will shed off a bit of weight.

BMW Group Design Director (Adrian Van Hooydonk) was as quoted saying that as a brand they have learned through, a brand that carbon fibre combined with light weight construction is a nice blend and one that they have introduced to their other brands.

He further decreed that 2015 BMW is launching a car (BMW 7 Series 2015) they have worked extremely hard to reduce its weight and their success (part of it) is attributed to the introduction of carbon fibre into the brand.

Sources reveal that BMW is confident this new technology is expected to make its way through the rest of BMW brands in the future.… Read the rest



Best New Cars to Be Launched In 2015 in the UK & Ireland


The Irish and British Automobile scene today is quite different from the scene of the 1950s-1970s. Today, there are a few British manufactured vehicles that are still operating in Britain, however there are many foreign car manufacturers that have made their present popular in the UK.

Today we take you through the best vehicle brands that are set to be launched in the United Kingdom in 2015…


Jaguar XE

The soon to be launched Jaguar XE is one of the most important brand that Jaguar has made. This is a saloon (small) that is set to go head to head with the likes of Mercedes C-class and BMW 3-series in 2015.

The car is designed and manufactured with a brand new engine that is ultra-efficient and with handling which has seen many experts term it as the best in its class. The model will be fit with a brand new lightweight aluminium chassis.… Read the rest