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Ballyphehane Community Centre

Posted on: 9 November, 2011

Community centers are a big part of an area and they make the area whole. They bring people together and help the people of the community. This is very apparent especially in Ballyphehane community center. One thing that they run in Ballyphehane Community Center is "Meals On Wheels".

"Meals On Wheels" is a very important service and it helps the elderly within the community. Sometimes the elderly people can be forgotten about and community centers focus on getting youths involved in the community. In Ballyphehane Community Center they do both which is of huge benefit to everyone.

The cooks are amazing and there are never any complaints. The people who deliver the food to the elderly all work voluntary and give up their own spare time to help others. The volunteers get to know the elderly in their community by doing the service and the elderly have a friend to talk to. The "Meals on Wheels" service is of huge benefit to the whole community and they are never short of volunteers to help out. This shows what helpful caring and loving people live in the area and our great community support! 

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