Best New Cars to Be Launched In 2015 in the UK & Ireland


The Irish and British Automobile scene today is quite different from the scene of the 1950s-1970s. Today, there are a few British manufactured vehicles that are still operating in Britain, however there are many foreign car manufacturers that have made their present popular in the UK.

Today we take you through the best vehicle brands that are set to be launched in the United Kingdom in 2015…


Jaguar XE

The soon to be launched Jaguar XE is one of the most important brand that Jaguar has made. This is a saloon (small) that is set to go head to head with the likes of Mercedes C-class and BMW 3-series in 2015.

The car is designed and manufactured with a brand new engine that is ultra-efficient and with handling which has seen many experts term it as the best in its class. The model will be fit with a brand new lightweight aluminium chassis.


Audi TT Sport-Back

The Audi TT Sportback is designed as a five door that features a low roofline and a strong shoulder line. The car although a five door, has been designed to have pillar-less doors thus making it appear sleeker.

The additional doors have added a new practicality level on the TT. Audi’s famous four wheel drive (Quattro) system is bound to be custom fit in this model and you should expect it to be sold out in both Diesel and Petrol models.


Vauxhall Astra

The modern Vauxhall Astra is one of United Kingdom’s bestselling car. Well, do not think this means that the vehicle manufacturer is stopping here; no, it has done an overhaul for its newer version premiering in 2015.

The Vauxhall Astra will feature a much more striking design that will be a radical departure from the present car styling as its increased length will lead to enhanced practicality of the vehicle model. The manufacturer will produce both efficient diesel and petrol engines.

The car will be fit with the latest IntelliLink infotainment software from Vauxhall.


Honda Civic Type R

In the past, Honda is known for its plethora of hatchbacks. The Type R 2015 is touted to be the most exotic hot hatch ever produced by this vehicle manufacturer. The car model will feature a turbo charged engine that will have a 276bhp.

Type R will be an exciting racing car for the road formation that will include mechanical know-how derived from Honda’s countless motorsports sequencers. This new Honda model is design is set to make it a serious contender in its class of hot hatch’s such as’ SEAT Leon Cupra, Ford Focus, Renaultsport, Ford Focus ST and the Renault Megane.


Volvo XC90

In the latest years, Volvo has become a pioneer for safety technology in cars. The Volvo XC90 will be launched in 2015 and is bound to revolutionize the industry with its latest injury avoidance system. The new car is fit with devices that prevents a head on collision with an oncoming car.

The car will come fit with a new engine that is not only innovative but an engine that is highly efficient (Hybrid engine). Keep posted for more car reviews.

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