New BMW 7 Series to Launch In 2015

One of the vehicles predicted to be on the roads for NI cars in the near future is the new 7 series.

The new BMW 7 Series that is due in 2015 will be custom fit with a carbon fibre body and additional light weight technology heavily borrowed from BMW’s i Brand. This means that the new 7 series will shed off a bit of weight.

BMW Group Design Director (Adrian Van Hooydonk) was as quoted saying that as a brand they have learned through, a brand that carbon fibre combined with light weight construction is a nice blend and one that they have introduced to their other brands.

He further decreed that 2015 BMW is launching a car (BMW 7 Series 2015) they have worked extremely hard to reduce its weight and their success (part of it) is attributed to the introduction of carbon fibre into the brand.

Sources reveal that BMW is confident this new technology is expected to make its way through the rest of BMW brands in the future. BMW is one of most searched for brands on the motor insurance database askMID as consumers check the extensive records.

The new generation of BMW 7 series being launched in 2015 will mark the passing of the technology used in the current generation of the company’s flagship sedan. The special 2015 7 series was present for the very first time during the 2014 Paris Auto Show back in October.

By the time it was being launched the model vehicle was confirmed to be only present for the French market. Coined the BMW 7-Series Individual Final Edition, the sedan will feature distinctive brown shade for its exterior and the interior will be a contrasting cream. More wonderful special details featured in this car include…

  • Custom Fit Dash with High-Gloss Piano Black Accents
  • Merino Leather Trim (Fine-Grain)
  • Alcantara Headliner
  • LED headlamps in the V8-models


The Six Power plants

There are six completely different power plants on offer in the 2015 BMW 7 Series that include…

  • Active Hybrid 7
  • 740i
  • 750i
  • 760i
  • Alpina b7 (Top-performer)
  • 740Ld xDrive (Diesel Powered)

These are the 2015 BMW 7 Series modules that come fit with a standard rear-wheel drive except for the diesel’s standards all-wheel drive. All the above mentioned 7 series types offer all-wheel drive. BMWs 7 series enthusiasts will appreciate the finer differences between the six models mentioned above.

That said however, the 7 Series models accelerate rather swiftly and their grip and poise is spectacular for a vehicle of this magnitude. These are sedans that deliver comfort, tech, and luxury to the driver allowing him to enjoy each and every moment behind the wheel.

All versions of the 2015 BMW 7-Series model will come custom fit with; Driving Dynamics Control, Air suspension, throttle response, transmission shifts, steering heft and a system made specifically to govern shock firmness.

All the additional technology will still leave room for the driver to twiddle with the settings to feed their habits. With the technology on board and changes done to this brand of vehicle, the 2015 BMW 7-Series remains at the helm of the most technologically advanced sedans on the planet.

Now we know why BMW is a serious contender when it comes to producing high-end vehicles! Check out the full range on the official website.