New Skoda Fabia Launched in Ireland


The Newest Skoda Fabia Model that was launched a few months, (September 2014) debuted in Ireland on December 1, 2014 in time for 2015 Vehicle orders.

Buyers will be glad to know that prices were confirmed and all model options having received specification enhancements. There are certain models that decreased in price. The asking price for the 1.0 litre Fabia is; €13,895 for the 60bhp Active. No doubt the AA route planner will getting more use of the back this release.

Before we go on, it’s important that you realize the Fabia model debuted at the turn of the new millennia (2000). Since then, Skoda reveals that over 3.4 million Fabia vehicles have been sold worldwide.

These are figures that make Skoda have very high hopes for its new launched Fabia model now in its third Generation. Adding to the car’s obvious cosmetic changes, designers and engineers have given Fabia a brand new line of both petrol and diesel engines combined with manual and DSG transmissions. You can find used car and part at HQ Breakers.


The New Entry

The additions come in the following ranges:

  • 0 Litre MPI
  • 2 60BHP (Turbo-Charged) TSI
  • 90 BHP
  • 110 BHP

The third generation Fabia is based on the Volkswagen MPQ Platform, hence its wonderful driving dynamics and efficiencies. With calls for eco-friendly vehicle models, the New Fabia debuts at 65kgs lighter than its predecessor.

The car has been engineered to contribute to CO2 and is fuel efficient saving users a whopping 15% on petrol usage. For the diesel model, the most efficient option delivers averagely 83mpg (3.4 I/100km).


What the New Design Means

Going with its well embraced changes; the style of the New Fabia Echoes a glimpse into the future giving the world a chance to witness and embrace how mobile devices will seamlessly connect to vehicles via the MirrorLink system.

On the Fabia however, MirrorLink comes as an option that allows users to access; Navigation, Weather reports, Maps and Music through their mobile Device. The Style of the car reverberates the other Skoda brand models and showing us what to expect in the future.

When likened to its predecessor, the new Skoda Fabia model is 8mm shorter, however it has an increased 5, Wheelbase. The luggage capacity is 330 litres. Exterior’s style has been bolstered through the 30mm height reduction.

Its width though has been increased by 35mm leading to a lowered stance and an improved road presence.

Ireland’s Skoda Head of Marketing & Product (Raymond Leddy) spoke and said that the third generation Fabia is a brand new car. The changes made to the car are not just a facelift rather proper changes affecting both the interior and exterior of the car.

The all-new 1.0litre, 60bhp petrol unit’s enhanced performance is echoed by superior acceleration, compared to its predecessor. Initially, the New Fabia was set for launch in the Irish market early 2015 coinciding with the UK launch, however, due to the high demand of this model by Irish customers that were eager to place orders and have the car delivered in January, the firm settled on December 1 launch.New car dealers in NI will also be keen to stock this new edition to the skoda range so we will keep you updated on any future updates.