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The National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History is a branch of the National Museum of Ireland located at the former Collins Barracks in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin, Ireland. The site, opened in 1997, also holds the Museum's administrative centre, a shop and a coffee shop.

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Erected in the early thirteenth century on the site of a Viking settlement, Dublin Castle served for centuries as the headquarters of English, and later British, administration in Ireland. In 1922, following Ireland’s independence, Dublin Castle was handed over to the new Irish government. It is now a major government complex and a key tourist attraction. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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From her building in 1905 by Colin Archer, the celebrated Norwegian naval architect, to her pivotal role in the 1914 Howth gun-running and her later use as Ireland’s first national sail-training vessel, the yacht has had many incarnations. Since August 2012 the Asgard has been on display in Collins Barracks. She stands as a monument to the skill of both the original builders and the conservation team, as well as a reminder of the turbulent events of 1914.

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This fountain was presented to the citizens of Dublin in 1880 by Lady Laura Grattan, daughter-in-law of the patriot Sir Henry Grattan, at a time when running water was supplied to only a small number of houses in the capital. Drinking cups would have been attached to the shaft, while horses could drink from the basin.

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