About Us

Mission Statement

Dublin Business News Monthly was launched in January 2020 in order to provide relevant business news and opinions relevant to Dublin and Ireland.

We aim to set ourselves aside from other news sites by offering unique stands and editorials written by eminent Dublin businessmen and economists with unique insights into the state of business and economy in Ireland.

Ethics Policy

Our writers strictly adhere to our Code Of Practice that follows strict ethical reporting standards. All our staff is experienced and vetted.

At Dublin Business News Monthly we recognize that the public’s right to be informed comes into conflict with individual rights, which is we take special care when making judgement that cannot always be right. This is why our staff constantly analyzes our content in order to improve the quality of our reporting during regular seminars.

Fact-Checking And Source Verification

Our staff takes extra effort into verifying the credibility of the information received and sources consulted. While writers are obligated to protect their sources under the Editors’ Code of Practice, we make sure to confirm all our sources are reliable and all the information was legally and ethically obtained.

Dublin Business News Monthly

Dublin Business News Monthly registered at MyLocalNews.ie is an online publication based in Dublin, Ireland with an increasing number of followers. We take pride as being an active member of the Dublin community and try to make our news relevant to thousands of people reading our publication across Ireland.

Dublin Business News Monthly is available exclusively as an online publication and as such, may fund some of its efforts through ads and product placement, in addition to sponsorship and affiliate commissions. Therefore we kindly ask you to disable your Ad-Blocker in order to support our publication.

Diversity Policy

Dublin Business News Monthly aims to improve the quality of our output and hires writers who are the best fit for the company, regardless of their race, gender, religion, colour, nationality, marital status, sexual preference, gender identification, national minority connections, political affiliation, ethnic origin, or disability.

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