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Close To 1,500 Retailers In Ireland Plan To Reopen Next Week

Close to 1,500 retailers in Ireland are getting ready to reopen their businesses on Monday including garden centers, hardware and phone stores, farmers’ markets and more.


Close to 1,500 retailers are getting ready to reopen their businesses on Monday, Retail Excellence reports. This includes businesses such as garden centres, hardware stores and farmers’ markets.

The reopening plan also includes office product stores as well as phone shops as part of the phase one of the plan to lift restrictions.

Retail Excellence’s David Fitzsimons, warns of a significant cost for retailers when they reopen.

“Monday is a different type of stage because it is a lot of big format stores like DIY, hardware, garden centres so the bigger the store, the bigger the cost,” Fitzsimons stated.

“Next Monday it is about €5,000 per store when you factor in all of the PPE and sneeze guards and the training and such.

“Phase Two will be less because it is small trades and obviously the smaller the store, the less the cost.”

“Reopening preparations are going well. There are about 1,500 stores going to open next Monday.

“Psychologically for those business owners they are happy to be back at it.

“They have made huge preparations in terms of social distancing and general safety protocols.

“It is great to see the economy getting back up again,” Fitzsimons concluded.

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